The golden Dragon, Schimmelpfennig
Серовский Театр Драмы имени А.П.Чехова, Serov, Russia

"Are you mad, look what you’ve done to her, look, look at that, the way she’s bleeding, Oh God, Oh my God, she’s not an animal!"

Roland Schimmelpfennig, a very well-known playwright in Germany, has written a play about a Chinese-Vietnamese-Thai-Restaurant: “The Golden Dragon”. Here in the tiny kitchen between the sizzling gas-stoves a young Chinese illegal immigrant gets his incredibly aching front-tooth pulled with a pipe wrench. And this tooth, following unsearchable ways, accidentally lands in a bowl of Thai soup, which finally brings it into the mouth of a stewardess.

In the kitchen they tell the story of a starving dragonfly, which becomes a victim of a business-minded ant, who locks her away for the whole winter in his lair. Waiting in the dark, she can not see, whether outside it is already spring again. Against this background the story of a young Asian girl seems painfully familiar: trying to escape from her imprisonment, she runs into a drunk man in a striped shirt. Back in the kitchen of the Chinese-Vietnamese-Thai-Restaurant the young Chinese, after the pipe wrench surgery, bleeds to death. He is wrapped in a giant carpet with the golden dragon on it, and is thrown into the river. From there he finally swims home, back to China.

In the tradition of Bertolt Brecht's theater Roland Schimmelpfennig is presenting the action in the “Golden Dragon” from many different perspectives. Actors tell the story to the audience and for that they switch between the changing roles. Men are played by women and women are played by men. The result is poetic, brutal, thrilling and at the same time touching.

The German director Andreas Merz-Raykov has staged “The Golden Dragon” in Serov Drama Theater named after A. Chekhov as a sketch-show in June 2013 in the framework of the Festival of Small Cities, conducted by the Theater of Nations in Moscow – and finished the staging one year later.

“The Golden Dragon” is a play about "small" people, whom we only notice just slightly or even not at all – for example an Asian waiter in a restaurant, taking our order. Here these characters finally stand in the spotlight, directly in front of our nose, on the stage of Serov Drama Theater, and tell us their story. Cause they are worthy to be heard. Cause it is important for them that we listen. Cause we are important to them.

starring: Marianna Nezluchenko, Alexandra Nezluchenko, Dmitriy Plokhov, Sergey Zyrjanov, Evgeniy Vjatkin

stage and costume design: Andreas Merz-Raykov / Alexey Lobanov