Great proud Men - the legend of Koden Xhan, Park
Хакасский национальный драматический театр им. А.М. Топанова , Abakan, Russia

"I do not have parents, no wife and no son, no land. I'm riding where my eyes are watching. Perhaps I'll be a son to someone and to someone I can be a brother."

Great proud men – the legend of Koden Xhan is a play written by Bonn Park, a young German author of Korean origin, in collaboration with the theater director Andreas Merz on the basis of an adaptation of an old Khakassian fairytale. Park transfers the action into the trashy Hollywood Las Vegas of our time. We see Koden Khan as a purposeless casino owner, who is suddenly knocked out of the reality of his everyday life, and therefore has to set out on a journey, to regain self-respect. The new form stays true to the old narration. The staging Great proud men is about the significance and absurdity of such concepts as pride and honor, about a life, wasted in the chase for revenge. In the play old Khakassian texts are meeting the new dramaturgy — and this clash conveys the breaking point between tradition and decadence; between dream and reality; between ambition and ability.

starring: Kirill Sultrekov, Svetlana Chaptykova, Inna Mainagasheva, Arlekin Tolmachev, Andrey Tjukpijekov