Blizzard, Pushkin
Норильский Заполярный театр драмы им. Вл. Маяковского, Norilsk, Russia

"Oh! Masha says: Oh!"

In the moment when Marya Gavrilovna is ready to make perhaps the biggest mistake of her whole life, marrying her beloved one Volodya in a remote church against the will of her parents, Pushkin sends a Blizzard, to correct the destiny of his careless heroine. The approaching groom is blown away from the road and not able to reach the preconditioned place until sunrise – which is already too late, since meanwhile there was another young man brought into the church, who - let's say accidentally - already has taken Masha, unconscious from anxiety, to his wife.

And although this stranger is supposed to become for Masha that very one and only love, predesigned by destiny, she still has to wait for the happy end of this story for three more years. Only then she will be able to embrace her until then unfamiliar husband, since that night in the church he, shocked with his own courage, ran away, covering every trace to find a way back to his newly-sprung wife. So the young couple has no other option than to stumble across each other accidentally once again three years later on a ball, to fall in love with each other madly and, confessing each other the impossibility of this love (since each of them is already married, although to unknown strangers), to recognize each other as a husband and a wife and finally to embrace each other in a hug.

Yet Pushkin's „Blizzard“ is neither a praise to destiny, nor a romantic winter fairy-tale. Here Pushkin with all his irony is reckoning with romantic novels popular at that time. With exactly those, after reading which his heroine, Marya Gavrilvna, chooses daring a supposedly romantic demonstration of her so-called passionate love, leaving her childhood and the house of her parents behind, to dash in spite of her own doubts at breakneck speed into the blizzard to marry a chevalier with whom she had been flirting in summer. Destiny here represents not only the correcting force, ready to bring those, who'd lost their way, back onto the right track, but mostly as an alibi – a sort of a romantic utopia, which the main heroine so blindly follows - or simply an excuse, sticking to which Masha allows herself to escape the responsibility for her own decisions and actions.

starring: Anna Bogomolova, Elena Kuzmenko, Sergey Rebriy, Yulia Novikova, Denis Chaynikov, Oleg Kornylev, Sergey Igolnikov